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13 March 2007 @ 07:05 pm
This was in need of a good wanking....  
supplied by Kotton
1st wanking experience...hope it doesn't suck
If it does feel free to delete :)
Fandom: Wicked (gelphie)
Rating: M for wank

Glinda lay there as if a train had just hit her. ouch

What was she going to do now if anyone found out about this badfic? Probably wank it...heh heh This entailed so many rules that she had broke, with the school and with her family and with her friends and dont forget grammar....

How was it even possible to make soo many grammar mistakes in one peice of writing? From everything she hadn't learned from stories and classes she was told it wasn’t possible but this fic proves it wrong, a person can screw up grammar many, many times *headdesk*. So she had never taken precautions to avoid it. She didn’t even know the precautions she would take hence making the same mistakes over and over.

This was her fault. you can say that agin

She curled up on her bed, Her hands clutching the pink frills of her bed. Squeezing her eyes willing them not cry. She could not cry her way out of a plastic bag this one.

God where was Elphie? The one time she really really really really needed a comma, she had decided against it because thats just silly...*sigh* her.

Just then as if reading her mind cause Elphaba reads minds, there walked in the green bean. She was unusually bright she's phosphorescent. Almost, to the untrained person you need to be trained to know someone? *shrug* who didn’t know her, giddy. “hello i've decided that sentances don't start off with capital letters anymore Glinda, you would not believe what I tricked Boq into telling….. nor would you believe that I forgot to stop talking because there is no ending quotation mark

When seeing Glinda in her balled up state of misery instead of her rectanguar state she normally had, she knew she was not in the mood I wonder what gave her that idea?. ‘Oh for lurline’s sake I've decided Lurline is no longer considered a proper noun what is it now? What did she wear the same dress as Phannee? Did she spill ink on her dress? Maybe she had a bad hair day’ Can someone explain the point of that inner monologue?

But when Glinda sat up and looked in Elphaba’s eyes she knew it was more serious like totally making no sense in that sentance at all. The look of desperation and need made Elphaba herself want to cry. rather than making her want to make Glinda cry...

She ran over a munchkin with an army tank, falling onto the bed comma grabbing Glinda and holding her with all her strength. poor squished Glinda

Glinda held on with equal fervor and burrowed her head in long black hair and green skin, allowing herself to take in the scents of her Elphie because she needs to ask herself permission before doing so. She could smell the stink of this fic ale she had drank that day and the oils, i found the lost comma, in a place it's not needed!! which she washed herself with. A calm a calm what? suddenly fell over her that she hadn’t felt all day. She could feel Elphaba rubbing her back and she could feel herself being lulled to sleep.

“Glinda… Glinda are you awake?” she could hear being whispered to her.

“I am now.”

“Can you tell me what’s wrong.”? besides the fact this sentance has two punctuation marks?

“um, can we just not make sentances have capital letters anymore since I seem to not use them anyway, um…” Elphaba could see the discomfort and agitation return to her eyes.

“Just lay down and I’ll give you a grammar lesson backrub.” Trying to just relax the obviously wound up blonde.

Um, ok… I guess that would be fine but I really wasn't speaking fully because there's no beginning quotation mark” Glinda laid down and tried to clear her mind which wasn't hard since she doesn't have much in it anyway. She felt the familiar wait not weight because using weight actually makes sense of Elphaba climbing on top of her and felt her fingers move across her back. At first she tensed, but within time she began to relax as nimble fingers worked against her muscles.

Again she was being lulled to sleep wasn't one naptime enough?? until she felt the buttons of her dress being undone. “what are you doing i was just about to go to sleep again and think up new ways to ruin this fic?”

“Shhh. Calm down my sweet becuase I'm only undressing you without your consent, it's all good. The dress is interfering spelling? with me and I cannot properly sex you...I mean give you a massage if you’re all strung up in this corset and dresses because you're apparently wearing more than one dress at the moment. Can you even breathe besides the fact I'm sitting on you and not making anything better?”

She saw Glinda and said, "i think you need to see a shrink into the bed as if she the air in her head was being deflated. Her voice was barely above a whisper, “please don’t yell at me ,the fact you are asking me about my health frightens me. I… I… do what you need, sex me up.”

“I’m sorry my precious" Gollum softly said as he stared lustfully at the ring in his hands, and I can swear to the great Ozma oh wow a proper noun is capitalized! I wasn’t yelling at you duh even I knew that. I just want you to be comfortable as I sex you.”

“I know that I'm supposed to put a comma here and not have 'and' capitaliazed afterwards, but I will leave it out and capitalize 'and' anyway And with that she felt her dress come loose and her corset being unlaced and she enjoyed every damned moment of it.

‘This had never felt so right wrong before, why did she feel so guilty turned on now?’

A single tear fell down her cheek onto the bedspread below instead of falling to the bed spread above her, but the hands didn’t stop which made her heave a sigh of relief. They were now upon bare flesh kneading it like pizza dough, as Glinda did everything in her power to hold back a moan. She could not succumb to her orgasmic feelings. This is how her problem started.

Just as she felt the fingers lowering the clothing she grabbed a green wrist. Turning around her blue tear-stained eyes met brown confused ones. “Elphie I… I just… I can’t.” She lowered her eyes and stared cross-eyed at her nose. She didn’t want to go into this.unwanted punctuation But she knew she had to explain this to the confused woman that lay in front of her.

“Tell me Glinda, What could possibly be wrong besides the fact I'm sitting on top of you, as you lie there half naked? Oh and how also I should be ending this with a question mark but I didn't. You act as if you’re scared of me. You act as if we’ve never even…” wow...just...wow.

-“I’m pregnant with Boq's child.”-

“had… wait what did you say? I was too busy going on about our sex life when you rudely interrupted

“I said I’m pregnant with Boq's child. You know, the munchkin who always stalks me around everywhere? I finally gave in and look what happened.”

Elphaba stood and looked at Glinda with hurt but secretly laughing on the inside. “Wait, whom have you been slept with because that sentance makes loads of sense? I thought you loved me and hated him!”

“I do! I have never been intimate with anybody but you and little people turn me on! You’re the only one I ever loved, the only one I will ever love but Boq is just better in bed then you.” Glinda sobbed, now at Elphaba’s feet which the stink fuming off of them caused her to gag.

“Glinda please get off the floor and come sit with me on the bed and let me prove you wrong. I happen to be amazing in bed.”

The blonde sniffled over to her pink bundles of sheets and fell upon them in quite a dramatic scene that Elphaba couldn’t help but give her the role of a character in a badfic her eyes. No matter how bad life could get Glinda would always be badfic!Glinda. That was one thing Elphie could always hold onto because everything else melted at her touch. The world could be on fire and Glinda would throw water on it and end up melting Elphaba, then become still to stop and check her makeup.

“Glinda I don’t understand if you’ve only been intimate with me that would make me the… the… oh no…” I can't even begin to comment on how wrong that is and impossible at the same time...

hope that didnt suck :)